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Integrated Exchange Platform, Arbitrage.

ARBIDEX is a trading platform that aggregates crypto assets and liquidity in one terminal from all key crypto-currency exchanges in the world with the ability to search and implement arbitrage opportunities. It is possible to trade on major world exchanges without registration on every one of them. The platform is able to analyze thousands of pairs of crypto-currency and find the most profitable chains, earning up to 2-3% from each. This means that each participant of the platform has the following options:

1. Trading all crypto-assets that are listed on the top 25 crypto-exchanges from an MT4 professional terminal, with the requirement to register and verify only on ARBIDEX platform.

2. Working with arbitrage strategies with minimum of technical difficulties and problems. In ARBIDEX this is not harder than placing a standard order at the exchange.

3. Working with fiat input /withdrawal of funds in a trusted jurisdiction. ARBIDEX will comply with the legislation of the jurisdictions of presence as much as possible, all necessary licenses and permits will be received and checking accounts in respectable banks will be opened. For ARBIDEX legal compliance and reliability of interaction is one of the business priorities.

4. Margin trading, social trading (the ability to conduct forecasts and strategies, and verify them) and other tools needed by some categories of traders.

5. Savings on exchange commissions. ARBIDEX is designed to reduce the costs of traders and increase their revenues. Working on the platform will reduce commissions up to 4-fold relative to the 0.2% standard exchange rate on the market.

A major goal for carrying out an ICO is to create and develop a platform for professional traders that allows to trade cryptoassets from different exchanges via a single interface, to connect professional tools (like MT4) providing a high-quality service with low a commission rate. There are two key features of the platform: trading on several major exchanges in a single window and automation of interexchange arbitration process strategies, which allows the platform users to make profit by using a deposit to eliminate non-efficiencies of the market, i.e. arbitrage situations.


Jan 23 — Feb 28, 2018

Industry: Trading


Token Name ABX
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
Pre-ICO Dates Dec 11 — Dec 25, 2018
ICO Dates Jan 23 — Feb 28, 2018