Betrium January 29, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

Blockchain-based betting and e-sports platform.

Betrium is a betting platform and a sports book built on blockchain. The solution is fully worldwide, supports main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH and ERC20 coins, has a powerful open API, tax optimization, and volatility stabilization for cryptos. The latter mean that the balanced will be fixed in fiat money (USD/EUR) and users are protected from the crypto volatility. Moreover, Betrium offers a special solution for partnering event organizers who are able to create a custom event and earn on betting using the Betrium platform.

Low commissions is one of the key advantages, when it comes to Betrium. The platform doesn’t charge any fees from winnings, deposits, or withdrawals, as well as taxes on personal income. The fees are from 0% to 1%.

The platform takes advantage of the blockchain technology and the decentralized IT architecture to provide high-speed betting. Thereby, all bets occur off-chain and are added only when the event happens. At the same time, everything is transparent and broadcasted all over the network.

Within the detailed roadmap, Betrium plans to expand its services and add such revenue sources as online-casino, other games, decentralized online lotteries, live service for sports broadcasting, e-sports platform, sports analytics and statistic services. The goal is to increase the revenue to $300 million - $1,200 million per annum. Betrium shares 50% of the annual revenue with the BTRM token holders, which is why the token’s price is expected to grow along with Betrium’s success.

Participants of the token sale who are contributing over 1,200.00 Euros (or more than ~2.00 ETH) will receive an individual Betrium Premium Account, which implies special commission rates, low service fees, invitations to themed events on sports and e-sports as well as access to the closed Betrium BETAs.


28 Feb — 30 Mar, 2018

Industry: Betting


Token Name BTRM
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
Price in ICO 999 - 5000 BTRM per 1 ETH
Pre-ICO Dates 22 Jan — 14 Feb, 2018
ICO Dates 28 Feb — 30 Mar, 2018