Bread December 15, 2017 – Posted in: Reviews

A​ ​decentralized,​ ​financial​ ​services​ ​platform for​ ​everyone.

Bread is embarking on a journey to become the world’s largest decentralized financial institution. Many of our team members have been involved in cryptocurrency since the early years, and have watched the rise of bitcoin, Ethereum, and other decentralized digital assets pave the way for a brand new type of financial infrastructure. These technologies make it possible for users to interact directly with their money, instead of relying on other businesses and entities which can be costly and limiting.

The problems Bread is solving:

1) Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not easy to use, and uninviting to new users.
2) There are limited places to use your digital assets, and no option to centrally manage them.
3) Most banks do not of er any of these options today, and are often set up nationally, not globally.


16 Dec - 24, Dec 2017

Industry: Payments


Token Standard BRD
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates 16 Dec - 24, Dec 2017