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Caviar is aiming to connect the world of crypto currencies and real estate by creating a single token (CAV) with a dual purpose. Caviar helps real estate developers raise capital, and brings utility to Caviar token holders, allowing them to participate in projects and get profit. Thereby, combines investments in crypto-assets and real estate short-term loans, which brings downside protection and reduces investment volatility.

Even though many crypto-oriented funds have recently emerged, Caviar stands out, because of the unique opportunity to shift investments from real estate to crypto markets and vice versa. For a smarter prediction of crypto assets and crypto currency prices, Caviar has developed a special Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM). Part of the Caviar’s funds will be used for lending to real estate entrepreneurs through a strict process.

All in all, CAV token holders get a diversified and data driven portfolio in just a single token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Apart from the advanced risk prevention system,  Caviar offers cold storage, least privileged access, institutional-grade security, and multi-sig wallets, in terms of security.

Caviar is also going to develop a community platform, which will allow the real estate developers with an opportunity to raise funds for their projects, and token holders — to get educated, mentored, and earn profits.

caviar platform


Risk-sensitive portfolio ensured by diversification of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets with income producing real estate loans.
Intelligent Predictive Model implies a more advanced forecasting of crypto asset and crypto currency prices, which allows more efficient asset allocation.
Strong team and 5 years of successful real estate loan investment experience.
Smart profits’ allocation: 75% — to the token holders, 20% — reinvested, 5% — buyback of CAV tokens.
Blockchain technology allows full transparency of transactions and investments.


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  1. Profit Sharing with Token Holders. 75% of Caviar’s net quarterly profits is distributed among CAV token holders in ETH using a smart contract.
  2. Token Price Increase. CAV token price may increase along with the rise in the value of the AUM and platform development. Moreover, 5% of the net quarterly profits will be spent to burn Caviar tokens. This will add liquidity and raise the CAV price.
  3. Value Growth. To ensure even more token value growth, 20% of net quarterly profits will be invested back into fund.
  4. Community Rewards. Participants of the crowdfunding projects will also get rewarded.


The funds raised within the token sale will be distributed as follows:

caviar portfolio

After the token sale is over and an independent fund audit is completed, Caviar will allocate the money into crypto-markets and real estate in February 2018. The first quarterly profit distribution to the CAV token holders is planned already for April 2018.


Token Name/Ticker Caviar / CAV
Token Standard ERC20
Total supply 375,000,000 CAV
Price per token $0.10
Bonuses Days 1 to 3 – 15%
Days 4 to 6 – 12.5%
Days 7 to 9 – 10%
Extended until Dec 31 – 7.5%
Pre-ICO Minimum $500
Pre-ICO Discount $500 to $9,999 – 20%
$10,000 to $24,999 – 25%
$25,000 and up – 30%
Pre-ICO Dates December 1st — December 7th
ICO Dates December 12th — January 31st
Token Issuance Within 30 days of the end of token generating event

Important! Individuals and entities from USA and Cayman Islands are not able to participate in the token sale.


It’s worth mentioning that Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital LP, a real estate debt fund that have 0% default rate, 0 late payments, an average internal rate of return of 16% annually, and over 20 financed redevelopment projects in their portfolio.

Kirill Bensonoff, Partner
Guy Neumann, Partner
Alex Shvayetsky, Partner
Kairat Kaliyev, Business Advisor
David Drake, Strategic Advisor


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