Celsius February 6, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

P2P Decentralized Lending and Borrowing.

Celsius is a new global P2P financial platform that seamlessly connects holders of crypto-assets with borrowers. It allows the crypto-holders to earn fees on their assets in the form of coins or get a dollar margin loan against their crypto. The platform also enables margin traders (hedge funds and crypto funds) to borrow crypto-assets for: hedging, shorting, deferring taxes and locking in profits. Celsius does not take any positions and does not act as a counterparty to any trade. Our primary purpose is to facilitate transactions between lenders and borrowers, creating a liquid order book and maximizing return on capital on pledged assets.

The Celsius mobile wallet application allows Lenders to track and manage their crypto-assets. The app will provide a clear view of the account status, including: assets managed, assets hold time, earnings over time, projected future earnings, debt tracking (in case a margin-loan was made), and more. The wallet will also allow transfer of crypto-assets in and out of the Celsius account as in common wallet solutions.

The Celsius economy is based on the Celsius Degree Token (CEL), which is bought by borrowers (or on behalf of the borrowers via the Celsius platform) and used to pay fees to the lenders community and Celsius. CEL tokens are paid out as membership reward to crypto lenders daily, based on fees collected from trades.


15 Mar, 2018

Industry: Loans


Token Name CEL
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH, USD
ICO Dates Start: 15 Mar, 2018