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With the revolutionary concept of Blockchain powered Fintech solutions, Coinnup brings you a host of services that will take monetary transactions to an all new level. To make the use of this platform easier and more straightforward for people to use, Coinnup is launching Coinnup Mobile App with all the core features which include services such as a Universal Wallet, Mobile Recharge, Crypto Exchange and the option of buying/selling Cryptocurrency. Carry out any transactions with your Crypto Coins with just a few taps.

All-in-One solution with a Mobile App

This user-friendly and comprehensive application allows the users to deal with cryptocurrencies in a much simpler way. Just install the application, and carry out any task like sending money or exchanging cryptos or paying bills, even buying groceries with just a few taps of your fingertips. The launch of Coinnup took place with the sole motive of providing people the most advanced platform of transacting with Cryptocurrencies and embrace the concept of Blockchain powered Fintech solutions.

The Unique Features in the Coinnup App

By providing users with the best of features, the Coinnup Mobile App comes as great significance to the users. Take a look at the core features that are offered by the Coinnup App:

Universal Wallet

Coinnup provides you with a Wallet that helps you to store multiple numbers of currencies. You can quickly retrieve and use the coins as and when required. The wallet helps you in smooth transaction owing to its light architecture that aims at providing super-fast operations. With the power of using the keys presented only to the user, the wallet is a highly secured one. With the provision of the Paymaz exchange in the App, you would not have to worry about exchanging the coins before a transaction. You can directly trade with these anytime, anywhere when you have the Coinnup App with you.

Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency

Purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies will no longer involve lengthy procedures when you have the Coinnup App in your hands. Not only the time, but the costs of purchase will be reduced by around 70%. You will also not have to take any headaches while making fund withdrawals at any corner in this world when you have the App with you. This makes it a more convenient option than the other Fintech solutions that you will find around you.

Mobile Recharge

This is the one thing that people look for the most. With the help of the Paymaz platform, Coinnup offers you with the option of recharging your mobile, sending mobile credit to others and also making transactions using Fiat or Crypto.

Crypto Exchange

The most important feature that the app would provide the users with is that of exchanging crypto with the minimum transaction fees to make sure that you get the best deals out of the entire transactions. Get instant processing at the exchange and also get the most secure architecture with the lowest trading fees.

When you get so many features in a single app, certainly you would welcome it with great excite and zest. We also assure you that Coinnup is also one of the best platforms for you to invest in the world of blockchain based Fintech solutions and embrace the digital tokens or cryptocurrencies.

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