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Copytrack: The First Blockchain-Based Image Copyright Register

Digital Intellectual Property is facing a huge challenge in the 21st century: Theft! Digital content, such as images, are used online often without the authors’ consent or without a proper license. However, it is not only authors who face these challenges. Digital users are only rarely able to identify the creator of the content and do not always know where to license the content they want to use.

The COPYTRACK Global Copyright Register offers solutions to these issues. Within an extremely short period of time, COPYTRACK has become the leading service provider in the worldwide market of highly automated copyright enforcement. With their new ICO, COPYTRACK creates a global, decentralized Copyright Register for digital content. The register links authors to their digital intellectual property and allows content users to license the content they need directly with the author. The company’s successful pre-sale has already raised $7.6M.


Located in the heart of Berlin, COPYTRACK is a fast-growing business. Over the course of the last few years, the company has become a leading platform and service provider for image search and copyright enforcement worldwide. Due to its cutting-edge technology and optimized processes, the company creates a monthly claim volume of $2.5M.


The COPYTRACK Global Copyright Register will enable creators of digital content to register their work for free. In order to register the copyright information, COPYTRACK will use its own blockchain to save the registration details, as well as to record the licensing history of the content. The registry will first and foremost focus on the copyright registry of images. However, since the blockchain will be open to the public, COPYTRACK will expand the registry by allowing third parties to use the registry and thus including further intellectual property works such as music, videos, text or code.


COPYTRACK’s blockchain will use the CPY Token for payments within their newly created marketplace. This enables automated payments to rights-holders based on licenses they design themselves. The blockchain and its smart contract interface can be extended and thus incorporate a wide range of additional features such as programmatic contracts, variable pricing, and payment routing.

The COPYTRACK ICO closes on February 9th. The 20% Public Sale Discount is available until January 29th. If you are interested in investing in an innovative ICO, run by an experienced team with an existing and successful business, you should definitely check out their website and whitepaper.

To learn more about COPYTRACK please visit copytrack.ioFacebook, and Twitter or join the Telegram channel.