CreditCoin to Matchmake Content Creators And Brands January 19, 2018 – Posted in: News


Flatlay began as a project aimed at better helping brands to go direct to consumer while eliminating the barriers of market entry they typically experience. The end-goal was to provide an innovative & socially engaging solution matchmaking content creators & brands. The executive team (Ali Sammour, Morteza Nokhodian and Yasir Hossain) have had a vast amount of experience building digital publishing platforms and social sharing tools for consumers, publishers and brands. We knew that we could create a platform marketplace catering to solve those pain points. After the project went live towards the end of 2016, the team quickly realized the larger opportunity at hand, which was to support anyone with publishing tools to instantly create & launch a digital storefront emphasizing content creation to drive traffic. By doing so, it would provide the most intuitive way for people to focus on the visual storytelling of product related content.

Core team is located in Los Angeles, California and the blockchain team in Berlin, Germany.

There are a few players in the space getting involved in the blockchain influencer space such as Indahash and Start Token however neither are cater to the premium publisher and retail merchants within their model. The Creditcoin protocol allows for any marketplace, publisher or brand to tap into the power of the network by leveraging decentralized product listings and campaigns. Creditcoin is designed to intertwine & enhance the existing infrastructures of affiliate and content marketing programs geared towards global participation. The smart contracts are geared specifically to run these types of campaigns and product listings while solving and closing the gap of last click attribution and conversion.

Shopify and OpenBazaar are two of the marketplaces we’re directly integrating with in to facilitate direct product integration with any type of brand, merchant, wholesale or drop shipper. We are also slated to integrate with Amazon, WooCommerce, Magento and Commission Junction in the next phases of the platform this year. Immediate plans are for the US, European and Asian markets and to begin to expand internationally with hyper localization to product suggestions depending on the region the visitor/user hits a network listing from.

The ICO is an exciting time to be part of the team and networks rollout as we gear up to become the standard in blockchain affiliate and content marketing campaign listings. We’ve partnered with some of the most renown premium publishers and marketplace retailers in the space so it will be an incredible opportunity to participate in a token offering with such a deep network and adoption rate. The network will be a real game changer, so we’re excited to have the community join us for the ride. Stay tuned for more official partnership announcements as the CCOIN network rolls out for the ICO!

Funds raised will support network enhancements and expansion for multiple regions, locations, publishers and merchant networks. The Flatlay marketplace and publishing tools are incredibly powerful with the CCOIN blockchain integration but the ICO supports the Creditcoin network becoming a decentralized turnkey solution for all influencer marketing platforms and retail marketplaces globally.

Anyone can sign up at to follow the project and token sale. To participate in the dialogue to ask questions or the bounty program, join our Telegram channel here or our BTC talk group here