Countdown to Crowd Machine – 50% early bird bonus – starting April 1st! March 30, 2018 – Posted in: News

Crowd Machine

Less than one week to go until one of the most exciting ICOs you’ll see this year starts! On April 1st, 2018, the public phase of Crowd Machine’s token sale opens, but you MUST join the whitelist to participate.

Don’t let this one slip through your fingers: those who contribute in the first ten days will receive a 50% bonus!

An Industry Leader, Revolutionizing the Blockchain Ecosystem

Crowd Machine is leading the charge in blockchain advancements, providing traditional players a faster, cheaper, and more effective way to create blockchain and decentralized apps, while simultaneously opening the doors to even more blockchain projects and investment within the community.

Crowd Machine is the answer to the scalability, interoperability, and security concerns that hold the blockchain industry back. The platform is blockchain agnostic, and requires no coding, meaning that just about anyone can take advantage of the benefits it provides to businesses and individuals alike.

Fortune 500 companies, like GE, AON Hewitt, and KONE, already swear by Crowd Machine’s technology, as do key players in the blockchain/crypto space like Polymath, who is partnering with Crowd Machine to use the Crowd Machine platform to help bring more innovative blockchain projects to market than ever before.

Perks to Joining the Crowd Machine Community

There are three key components of technology (for more info, check out the video below, the website and white paper):

Crowd Computer: a distributed, peer-to-peer computing network which will be released this year, will power next generation blockchain and decentralized apps via the surplus processing power on devices across the globe - and those device owners will be compensated for their participation!

Crowd App Studio: a codeless app development technology that allows anyone to create decentralized apps very quickly. Think you have the next big idea, but don’t know how to get started? Our system uses natural language, just like you do.

Crowd Share: a GitHub-like repository where app creators can post components of their apps and be rewarded with tokens whenever that source code is executed, whether it’s used one time, or a million.

Join the Whitelist now for a 50% Bonus! The future of the multi-trillion dollar software industry awaits.