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Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform for ICO Campaigns powered by e-Residency.

CrowdCoinage is building an operating system that will offer a wide range of blockchain-based financial services for the crypto-world. CrowdCoinage will boost the blockchain-economy by creating a for running ICO campaigns, building an strong marketplace and offering loans plus insurance services.

At the same time, CrowdCoinage will reduce the risk of failure and the cost of first expenses required by technical know-how, marketing, PR and the recruitment of right people.

CrowdCoinage will allow founders of different startups to communicate with each other and find talents and professionals with specialized skillsets to help them assemble a winner team of developers, business developers, marketing and PR people.

Setting up an exchange frees the investors of founders from the need to use another exchange to convert their fiat money into cryptocurrency and vice versa. This is an important part of the CrowdCoinage 's business because by also being an ICO and crowdfunding campaign provider we are generating large amounts of new cryptocurrencies
over time. Therefore it is of an utmost importance for us to launch our CrowdCoinage exchange and let investors and founders trade within it.

After successfully obtaining an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license there will be the ability to issue payment cards. This way it is not even needed for founders or investors to manually convert their funds between cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The conversion would be transparently completed in the background and the founders can just complete their required tasks with the third parties still using the fiat money.

Besides having full automated insurance methods that would use IoT sensors, there are new and innovative ways how to make insurances more affordable for groups of people. This is the peer-to-peer insurance model and there are many types of insurances that would suit that model.

CCOS coin

It will be possible to use CCOS coins for various purposes. For example the coins can be used to pay for services like insurances, P2P loans and to run ICO campaigns. The CCOS coin will increase its value through use. There is also a plan to integrate the Estonian eResidency program into the CrowdCoinage , which makes it easy to run a business and everything associated with it and use CCOS coins for example as a base currency for running everyday operations (once CrowdCoinage has obtained respective licenses).

The support for innovative smart contracts allows ICO campaign initiators to set up clear steps for their project that would lower the amount of risk perceived by investors. The raised funds will not be released for the upcoming step until investors decide that founders have performed well enough and matched the requirements for the next step. The control of the raised funds will remain with investors. This will be a clear motivator for founders to do their best and along with their success the value of the start-up’s own tokens will grow.


12 Feb — 12 Mar, 2018

Industry: Technology


Token Name CCOS
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates 12 Feb — 12 Mar, 2018