Cryptocurrency Arbitrage with Arbidex January 27, 2018 – Posted in: News



Arbidex is a fully automated arbitrage trading platform that is currently holding an ICO token sale. So far, the project has gathered over $7 million out of planned $16 million. No wonder, as is already has a working MVP version that makes up to 4% worth profit with every run of the exchange chain.

How does arbitrage work

As far as cryptocurrency markets remain diffused, unregulated and disjointed, there are situations where the disparity in exchanges across different platforms is possible.

For instance, on November 28th, the South Korean exchange CEX quoted BTC at $10,026 while US exchange Kraken had it at $9,748. So the gap of $278 — a near 3% spread — could have been turned into profit from selling BTC from Kraken to CEX.

Even though it sounds easy, there are three main challenges:

  1. Arbitrage opportunities exist only for short periods.
  2. You need to own assets across all the platforms involved in arbitrage chain and pay processing fees.
  3. All exchanges must happen as fast as possible using real-time data to avoid losing profit.

And here comes Arbidex, solving all the problems.

What is so exciting about Arbidex

Arbidex continually scans the market in search for potentially profitable exchange deals. Furthermore, the platform evaluates and sets up the deals based on real-time data, not the forecasts, which significantly increases success chances.

Both ABX token holders and regular customers have access to Arbidex arbitrage recommendations and can contribute funds using their crypto wallet.

However, regular customers are permitted to only hold deposits of $1000 or less. To store larger deposits and generate profits from them Arbidex tokens (ABX) are required.  As for commissions, Arbidex is withholding 50% of the deal profit per any successful transaction.

At the moment, Arbidex has cryptocurrency assets across five major trading platforms. That solves the issue of building arbitrage chains and cuts processing fees. Arbidex uses other platforms’ APIs to assure that all trading operations are executed lightning fast.

Join Arbidex ICO

By joining the Arbidex ICO, you automatically become an investor in the project and holder of the ABX tokens. These tokens ensure that you can get lower fees on the platform, increase arbitrage deposit, vote on the new tokens listing, as well as get a discount on the listing fees in ABX.

Arbidex ICO will last until February, 15th. The price of the ABX token is just 1 USD. 

Check out their white paper for more details or head to the official website