Debitum Network January 28, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

A global small business financing platform based on Ethereum blockchain.

About 70% of SMEs are not able to get access to credit and raise funding. Debitum Network is a decentralized lending platform that solves the global credit gap of $2 trillion and ensures trust for all counterparts — investors (lenders), risk assessors, borrowers, document validators, insurers, etc. With this platform, SMEs can attract financing regardless of local financial constraints, individuals and companies can invest funds and make their capital work globally, while the local financial entities can participate in the chain.

The project is taking advantage of the blockchain and smart contract, making the network secure, transparent and incorruptible.

Debitum tokens will be used to pay for all the services within the Debitum Network. The more loans are processed, the more DEB tokens are needed, but their supply is limited, which is why the token value is expected to grow. DEB tokens will be traded after the crowd sake in the networks internal exchange. Thereby, loan principal and interest payments will be transferred using fiat money, which is why Debitum is built as a hybrid platform.

The network itself can be self-sustainable in the long run without additional funding. The initial funding is needed to finish the solution, set up operations and expand across the markets.

Why investors trust Debitum Networks

  • Sustainable coin
  • An operating MVP
  • Quick launch and fast growth

The team behind the Debitum Networks are at the same time the founders of Debit, the alternative financing platform for SMEs with over €19 million turnaround reached in 2 years, and the founders of Inntec, one of the most innovative IT companies in Northern Europe. The project has already raised over $1.2 million and is ready to launch in 2018.


Dec 7, 2017 — Feb 25, 2018

Industry: Finance


Token Name DEB
Token Standard ERC223
Accepted Currencies ETH, USD, EUR
Price in ICO 8,700 DEB — 6,500 DEB for 1 ETH
ICO Dates Dec 7, 2017 — Feb 25, 2018