Ended ICO List

How to benefit from the ended ICO list?

On this page, you will find the ICO campaigns that are already over. Once the token sale period ends, the projects are automatically transferred from ongoing ICO to finished ICO list. This list would be useful for several audiences. Thus, if you have or are planning an ICO campaign, then you can study the ICOs that have already been completed, to look for potential competitors and research the market. Thereby, you can pay attention to their idea, presentation, video, website. It is especially useful to take a glance at the ICO details that each campaign has. Thus, you will see that some projects do have a pre-sale period, some of them not. Some ICOs plan their token sale ahead of time and yet offer only a couple of days to purchase the tokens.

Finished ICOs to help you with investments

If you are an investor, you can still take a glance at the ended ICO list because there you can find similar projects to those you are planning to invest in. Let’s say, you want to invest in a blockchain-powered real estate project with an upcoming ICO campaign. You could check out Initial Coin Offerings in the same industry and see how much funds they have raised, and how successful they have become. After all, if you want to invest in an ICO, you should understand whether it is competitive, as it will influence the success of the project and, eventually, the price of your tokens.

What is also important about the finished ICO is how they credit tokens and what exchanges they use to whitelist them. Usually, each ICO has its own rules for the token generation event, according to which you receive the tokens right after the investment is complete, or later, if the SAFT agreement takes place. Token whitelisting on the exchanges is crucial as well, because it lets you sell or trade the tokens gained within the ICO.