Jackpot game based on Ethereum Smart Contracts. January 23, 2018 – Posted in: News

The EtherJack team launched a totally unique Ethereum smart contract based jackpot game

The rules are simple: there’s a massive jackpot, and people are placing bids to claim it, within allowed time after the last bid. If no bid comes, the last to claim gets it. If bids keep coming, the jackpot grows further.
The game process is described by an immutable Ethereum smart contract, and is solely controlled by players. The source code for the smart contract is published, which guarantees transparency and fairness of the process. The developers left no backdoors or ways to amend the contract once it’s running. If no one places a bid within the timeout, the contract will send all the Jackpot amount to the winner, and nothing can stop that.

Currently the game is in the phase where the Jackpot is being collected (a kind of ICO). JACK tokens are about 2 times cheaper during this stage than they will be during the game. Later on, after the game starts, everyone will be able to get more tokens and use them later to: bid / get a cut from house / sell them to the players through the system.

The game is unique:

• It’s multiplayer;
• It’s a one-time opportunity;
• If it can be called a lottery, it’s a fully transparent one;
• Players can post messages on the board;
• Player can play or invest. If a player buys tokens, they can leter resell them to those who buy them later.
• x2, x5, and x10 prizes during the bidding phase;
• Jackpot collection ICO is unique: the token’s price grows by contract rules, and its value is always at least its nominal price, since it can replace a bid of that amount.

Once the game has started, players will have to place bids continuously because if they don’t, somebody else wins. This is a perfect application of Ethereum smart contracts: the system ensures the game is fair and the payout is guaranteed.

Will it be the most exciting greed-powered crypto race ever?


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