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A decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform with smart bots.

Gimmer is aiming to change the cryptocurrency trading experience by offering advanced yet user-friendly algorithmic trading bots. The project is aiming to meet the needs of a broad audience, from beginners who would like to get profit from crypto but do not want to spend time on tracking the markets to professional traders. Gimmer claims to provide easy-to-use, transparent and safe automated trading services and are willing to become the #1 tool for people who want to trade crypto. The MVP is already available for Windows, Max, and Linux platforms.

Project Description

Gimmer is creating a decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrencies with advanced trading indicators and AI bots solutions. What is important, Gimmer is focusing on cryptocurrency trading only taking into account all the peculiarities that are accompanying that. For example, the crypto market works 24/7, contrary to the traditional markets. There is no such thing as working hours or free weekends. Thereby, Gimmer is creating trading bots that are placing buy/sell orders based on the configurations set by users (over 80 indicators, 10 safeties). Another advantage is that users do not need to have any programming skills to create strategies and run backtests. Moreover, experienced traders can also make money by selling their strategies and indicators to other users. Thereby, both beginners and professional appear in a win-win situation.

Gimmer doesn’t control any bots due to the decentralized nature of the platform. All bots are owned by the users. Users can choose from different types of bots, such as margin, lending, trade, arbitrage, scalper and AI.

Gimmer will be also developing a social network for the traders to share and discuss the strategies and connect with other traders. There are 3 different access types within the system:

1. Basic access (unlimited access to the trading platform as long as users hold enough GMR tokens for the certain bots they want to run)
2. Intermediate access (includes customizing trading bots, buying and renting items from the marketplace, purchasing complete strategies)
3. Advanced access (access to all intermediate features + creating own bot strategies and indicators).

With Gimmer, users are able to access multiple exchanges from just one account and trade various cryptocurrencies safely and reasonably. Gimmer never holds users' funds and connects to the certain crypto wallet, so the money never leaves the exchange.


Gimmer has a detailed roadmap up to Q1 2021. Until then, the platform is aiming to launch Gimmer dApp, automated arbitrage and lending bots, mobile app, integration with 24 exchanges, copy crypto-trader, scalper bot, AI bot, risk assessment, portfolio strategies, and AI bot creator.

Funds Use

The funds raised during the ICO campaign will be used as follows:

45% — RnD and operations
35% — marketing and acquisition
15% — founders and team
5% — legal and compliance

Read more about the project on the official website and join the conversation in the Bitcointalk ANN thread.


1 Feb — 28 Feb, 2018

Industry: Advertising


Token Name Gimmer (GMR)
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates 1 Feb — 28 Feb, 2018
Price 1 ETH = 2,500 GMR
Hard cap 35,000 ETH