Hicky January 19, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

Decentralized dating platform built on the public Ethereum blockchain.

The vision of Hicky is to create a dating experience that merges real-life social dynamics with the behavior incentivizing effects inherent in a tokenized economy. 

The main problem in traditional dating platforms are trust and the consequential ratio in balance. Hicky ensures that users are verified and that interactions between users are private and secure.

Interaction and communication have substantially shifted online. It is inevitable, that this trend will only increase in the future to come. While this enables us to meet more people online, it also makes relationships superficial, unfair and unsecure. We have created the first fair, transparent and truly decentralized dating app. Hicky leverages blockchain technology to enable fair, secure and democratic dating.

The currency of the Hicky economy is the Hicky token (HKY). All interactions within the platform require HKY in some way. Participants in the network are always either earning or spending HKY when they engage.


Jan 14 - Mar 14, 2018

Industry: Social


Token Name HKY
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Pre-ICO Dates Jan 14 - Feb 14, 2018
ICO Dates Feb 14 - Mar 14, 2018