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iCloudSec is a cloud security solution using blockchain and Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) aiming to prevent security breaches in a brand new way. Thus, the utilization of the blockchain technology ensures the immutability and signed record of events and configuration updates, which creates a tamper-proof validation system that is immune to external attacks. iCloudSec is claiming to become the solution that will provide dynamic fault handling, high availability and complete robustness for the companies that are delivering demand based high-quality services in the continuously changing marketplace.


Access Management — unauthorized access mitigation and complete privacy protection;
Identity Management — identity control and sharing between trusted entities;
Insider Attack Protection — no tempering of information and its analytics engine process events;
Constant Monitoring & Verification — monitoring of the network policy changes to prevent security risks;
Configuration Manipulation Management — blocking the insertion of malicious flow entries in the network’s component.


icloudsec how it works
Here’s a step-by-step flow of the iCloudSec blockchain-powered solution compared to the typical flow:

Step 1

Typical Flow
When a configuration order request is received from the portal, the service creation component generates the request and appropriate policies are then assigned in the design framework component.

Blockchain Flow
When a new service order is received, the design component and policy creation engine store the order information as well as the appropriate rules/policies into the blockchain.

Step 2

Typical Flow
The rules and policies created in step 1 are then sent to the runtime framework of the controller function.

Blockchain Flow
When the run-time environment receives the rules and policies to be applied, it would query the blockchain infrastructure to ensure that the rules and policies stored in the last node of the blockchain are the same.

Step 3

Typical Flow
The controller component would register the rules and update the inventory, topology info and push these rules as updates to nodes through source bound adaptors.

Blockchain Flow
The controller component would register the blockchain validates rules.

Step 4

Typical Flow
The configurations are received and the node level is updated with the new configuration request.

Blockchain Flow
The nodes are updated with the blockchain validates configurations. Similarly, at each subsequent step of the workflow, such pre-application validation can be performed.


Token Name/Ticker iCloudSec / CLOUD
Token Standard ERC20
Total Supply 200,000,000,000 CLOUD
ICO Supply 160,000,000,000 CLOUD
Hard Cap 13,500 ETH
Minimum Contribution 0.001 ETH
Accepted Payment Methods ETH, BTC
ICO Dates 26th Feb 2018 – 25th May 2018


icloudsec ico bonus system


The overall supply of 200,000,000,000 CLOUD will be distributed as follows:

80% — ICO
15% — team
2.5% — advisors
2.5% — legal


60% — core development
15% — marketing
10% — security audit
10% — operations
5% — legal


iCloudSec concept has been created back in November 2017. At the same time, the team has been established, and they started the smart contract development in December. In January, the website & UI design began. January 2018, the smart contract passed testing and the website has been launched. iCloudSec ICO launched on February, 26th. The iCloudSec tool chain development is planned for March. ONAP source code inclusion Is expected for April 2018. May 25th, the iCloudSec token sale will be over. June 2018, the team is planning to integrate blockchain with iCloudSec framework and list the CLOUD token on exchanges. Finally, August 2018, the iCloudSec alpha release will be out.


Hitesh Arora, CEO
Rajesh Nayak, Senior Architect
Rajesh Kumar, Lead Engineer
Rajesh Kumar, Lead Data Analyst
Supriya Yadubansi, Senior Software Engineer
Ashutosh Agrawal, Senior Software Engineer
Amit Joshi, Senior System Engineer


Tapil Sethi, ICO Advisor
Akashdeep Singh, Financial Advisor


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