NewChain Platform – Revolutionary way of trading cryptocurrencies September 10, 2018 – Posted in: News

NewChain Platform, public token sale now underway, introduces an entirely new way of trading crypto assets.

NewChain is a cryptocurrency trading platform focusing mainly on the social aspects of trading and profit sharing. As a trading platform it offers access to multiple exchanges using its institutional accounts. This means that traders only have to register once and they will automatically gain access to all the exchanges where NewChain operates without having to go through the registration process individually for each exchange. It also opens the door for extra features and benefits that are otherwise not possible on any single exchange, such as advanced arbitrage.

What makes NewChain different from other trading platforms is its focus on profit-sharing and social trading. This is done via trader following — a feature that allows users to make automatic trades based on orders from a trader they follow. On NewChain, everyone benefits.

Are you new to crypto trading and would rather have someone more experienced take control of your capital? Just follow another trader, choose your preferences and the platform will take care of everything else. If you want to switch to another trader or start trading on yourself, just unfollow the trader you’re currently following and the automatic orders will stop executing.

On the other hand if you’re a pro trader, you can share your success with other users on the platform and let them follow you. The system will execute the same orders you make automatically on the accounts of your followers. After the trade is closed successfully (is profitable) you will automatically receive a small share of the profit your followers earned on that trade.

This makes trading on NewChain profitable for everyone — new traders can ride on the success of other more experienced traders and the pro traders will receive a share of their followers’ profits in return. Visit to see all the other benefits and features that NewChain has to offer.

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