Open Source University December 7, 2017 – Posted in: Reviews

The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger.

Open Source University is a unique global platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to bridge the gaps in an educational market, worth trillions of dollars. OS.University is the future of learning and career development.

Our aim is to address significant problems for businesses, learners and educational system as it is now by introducing our distributed application platform which solve problems like scalability, shortage of candidates with education and experience corresponding to business needs, rarely measure employee engagement, pооr candidate experience, existence of recruitment organizations and job finding platforms playing as middlemen between candidates and businesses etc.

Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to store candidate’s certification results which will make them trustworthy and easy for automatic distribution to all businesses and organizations.

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4 Jun – 1 Jul, 2018

Industry: Education


Token Name EDU
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH, fiat
ICO Dates 4 Jun – 1 Jul, 2018