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There is no secret that the cryptocurrency investments require lots of time, efforts, specialized knowledge, and research, to be profitable. That is why many people either do not invest in crypto at all, or invest only in BTC or ETH. The worst scenario is when they invest in scam ICOs and lose funds.

Another problem is that experienced investors have their investment amounts limited to their own funds. Finally, crypto funds are facing issues with attracting new customers and spend the inefficient amount of time on communication with small clients.

Safinus is aiming to bring the profitable investments in the crypto assets to the masses and let professional investors/crypto funds increase their managed assets and, as a result, profits, even more. Therefore, Safinus is a win-win solution for both newcomers and crypto sharks.

At the moment of writing, the pre-sale of Safinus project has been successfully complete with $500,000 raised and hard cap reached.


Within the Safinus portfolio mechanism, investors get a part from the portfolio valuation based on their investment, as shown on the chart below:

Safinus ICO

Currently, there is a very low entry barrier of $100 investment.

In case of a large individual investor (over $100k), a trader may offer personal asset management services as follows:

Safinus ICO 2

Thereby, the portfolio manager is able to set his own commission: a fixed one for investors joining and leaving a trading portfolio, or a fee based on investor’s profits.

There’s also a special internal voting system for adding new cryptocurrencies and ICOs to the Safinus platform. Thus, portfolio managers vote for each asset to be included on the platform.

Another competitive advantage is the ability of simultaneous trading on several crypto exchanges, which will allow traders to access a large pool of liquidity and execute orders at the most profitable prices.


Token Name/Ticker Safinus / SAF
Token Standard ERC20
Price 1 USD
ICO Dates 2 May 2018 – 2 Jun 2018
Pre-ICO Dates 23 Jan 2018 – 14 Feb 2018
Hard Cap 16,000,000 USD
Accepted Payment Methods ETH, BTC


92% — investors
5% — marketing & PR
3% — bounty campaign


40% — platform development
30% — international marketing
20% — liquidity fund
10% — legal expenses


Back in May 2017, the company came up with the market research and concept development. By July 2017, the platform’s architecture has been developed. In October 2017, the white paper and website were ready.

2018 has started with a successful pre-sale period that has resulted in raising 500,000 USD and reaching the hard cap. The MVP release is planned for April, 25th 2018. The main token sale will take place from as of May, 2nd to June, 2nd, 2018. July 2018 will be dedicated to registration and licensing, the launch of the marketing campaign, extended development of the platform’s account functionality, and attraction of the top traders to the platform. November 2018, mobile apps for iOS and Android will be developed. In 2019, the company is planning to create a fully decentralized crypto exchange within the Safinus platform and integrate the traditional stock market instruments.


Alexey Scherbin, CEO & Co-Founder
Ivan Morgunov, CFO & Co-Founder
Dmitriy Morgun, CTO & Co-Founder
Denis Goldberg, Product Manager
Julia Luckman, CMO


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