Sharpe Capital January 12, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

Innovative blockchain company, paying Ether in exchange for your opinion about equity markets and Blockchain assets.

Sharpe Capital is a proprietary investment fund specialising in global equity markets.

The goal of this project is to make it possible for professional investors to be able to use crowd wisdom to assess the market better and make wiser and more profitable decisions.

The mobile application and web platform of Sharpe Capital will allow SHP token holders to earn ETH for providing opinions on markets assets. The token acts as a proof-of-stake mechanism, in which the service fees you receive are tied to the number of tokens owned. Sharpe Capital will use up-to 40% of its profit to issue monthly Ether payments to token holders based on the accuracy of their predictions and the amount of tokens they own. The first payment to SHP holders is scheduled for 11th January 2018.

SHP enables the community to vote on the creation of new funds, the development of new products, and on changes to other aspects such as service fees paid and capital allocation.

Sharpe Capital platform is comprised of two key components:

  1. The platform allows holders of SHP tokens to earn rewards for providing asset sentiment. It provides valuable input to the investment models. By linking rewards to the quality of the sentiment provided, the platform is able to ensure the highest quality of crowd-sourced sentiment analysis in the market
  2. Subject to regulatory approval. Sharpe Capital will be issuing a 'cryptoderiviative' token (SCD), which will pay dividends based on the performance of our fund.

Sharpe Alpha Platform is already LIVE


6 NOV – 5 FEB, 2018

Industry: Trading


Token Name SHP
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates 6 NOV – 5 FEB, 2018, 2018