Spectiv November 20, 2017 – Posted in: Reviews

A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform.

The Signal Token (SIG) Protocol is designed to decentralize the buying, selling, and rewarding of attention across media platforms by removing centralized intermediaries from advertising transactions.

Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations across the globe to stream unique virtual reality content (“VR”). Viewers can discover, share and experience the full capabilities of VR in the comfort of their homes. Spectiv’s mission is to offer the truly immersive power of VR to everyone. SpectUS and SpectMR propose to pre-sell credits (tokens called Signal Tokens or SIGs) to access and utilize the full functionality of its platform. Following the SIG sale, SIG will also be available to purchase from the Spectiv platform.


8 DEC — 29 DEC, 2017

Industry: Streaming


Token Ticker SIG
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates 8 Dec - 29 Dec, 2017