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SymmetryFund to Meet the Demand of Crypto Investors

Currently, the market of ICOs is gaining momentum and overcrowded with live and upcoming campaigns, which is why it is extremely hard to find deserving and promising projects. SymmetryFund is claiming to be one of them.

About the Fund

SymmetryFund is an investment fund that is aiming to meet the growing demand of investors who are interested in getting profit from cryptocurrencies but not trading them individually. The fund offers a diversified portfolio of coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple, with the minimum average volume of $100 million in each, and the overall market cap over $1 billion. Apart from trading cryptocurrencies, the fund will also invest in early stage ICOs.

Why Pay Attention?

As more and more funds dealing with cryptocurrencies appear on the market, the competition is getting tough. To stand out, SymmetryFund has chosen the following key advantages.

  1. Instant liquidity. The fund offers a buyback option until SYMM is listed on major exchanges, which brings flexibility.
  2. Monthly dividends in ETH. 50% of SYMM’s profit is distributed among the token holders in ETH every month. The estimated annual ROI for SYMM investors is expected to be over 50%. Moreover, management fees will not be charged if no profits are gained.
  3. Higher returns. Investors can take advantage of the leverage provided by SYMM fund, as it can trade more capital than any individual trader.
  4. Full transparency. The fund provides a self-certification system so that shareholders could monitor the investment at any time. The external auditing will be held every month.
  5. Voting rights. Shareholders are able to vote on changes and developments according to the investment amount.

Apart from that, SymmetryFund is paying high attention to the risk management in trading, which is crucial for investments, especially in cryptocurrencies, due to their volatile nature.

Risk Mitigation System

The main strategy chosen by the fund is to store the capital in fiat money (like USD, EUR, or GBP) when the funds are not used in trading. Other risk management strategies include diversifying investments between exchanges (Kraken, Poloniex and Bitstamp), using up to 5x leverage for high-certainty trades, as well as trading in Monday to Friday market hours to avoid lack of liquidity on the market. To reduce the risks even more, the SYMM fund is going to store fiat currencies in the bank accounts.

SYMM Token and ICO Details

First and foremost, the SymmetryFund ICO has no hard cap, which means that the amount of SYMM tokens released within the ICO is unlimited. The ICO rounds are planned as follows:

  1. December 10, 2017 – February 10, 2018. The dividends for this round will be paid in April 2018.
  2. February 10, 2018 – April 10, 2018. The dividends for this round will be paid in June 2018.

Thereby, the price for 1 SYMM Token (ERC20 standard) will remain 0.1 ETH during all the ICO stages. If the soft cap if 3,000 ETH is not reached, the funds will be returned to the investors through the smart contracts

However, this is very unlikely, as, at the moment of writing, over 2,600 ETH have already been raised so far.

The SYMM tokens can be purchased on the official website for BTC and ETH.

The fund will hold up to 10% of the funds raised during the ICO to cover operating and management costs, while 90% of the funds will be used for the trading phase.

Is There a Life After the ICO?

When the ICO stage is over, the SYMM fund will move to the trading stage. Thereby, the fund is planning to use 70% of the capital to trade BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH and XRP coins. 20% of the funds will be invested in promising ICO, with a discount of up to 50% secured for those ICOs that have not been released for public sale.

Moreover, the remaining 10% that will be initially used for operating and management costs, will be returned to investors over the course of trading.

Later on, as the fund launches trading of the initially announced currencies and becomes more established, the SYMM will expand the investment opportunities and provide various risk levels.

Read more about the project in the white paper.

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