Tipity January 22, 2018 – Posted in: Reviews

An Altcoin in favor of decentralization, the crypto revolution and the true freedom to trade with privacy.

Tipity is a peer-to-peer altcoin that is a small but hugely important part of the cryptocurrency revolution – ‘A decentralized financial system, governed by the people (you) and eliminating generations of an outdated and inefficient financial system as well as future-proofing a new economy for the generations we leave behind.’

Tipity is the missing piece to 'your' puzzle. What do we mean by that? Well Tipity is whatever 'you' want it to be whenever you need it to be. It's an instantly tradeable Ethereum based cryptocurrency that can be used to obtain a Ferrari (from someone rich enough to trade with you), a VIP token that people need to get in to your private event, club or treehouse, a token you trade with your spouse for 'once in a lifetime' favours, an 'IOU' or 'YOU OWE ME', a reward system...you name it. Tipity is your freedom to trade!

Why own Tipity?

The cryptocurrency revolution stands for more than just quick money. It is about handing freedom of choice, privacy and opportunity back to the people, in what many deem to be a failed economic system. Tipity is a blank canvas, your ‘blank canvas’. It is the cryptocurrency that you want it to be and provides you with a chance to get involved early into a market that is guaranteed to happen. As stated above, Tipity has as many uses as you can think of and goes up in value the more it is bought, held or traded.


Jan 21 - Mar 27, 2018

Industry: Cryptocurrency


Token Name TPT
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH
ICO Dates Jan 21 - Mar 27, 2018