U.CASH November 27, 2017 – Posted in: Reviews

A Peer-to-Peer Global Financial Services Network.

What is UCASH

U.CASH is unbanking the world! U.CASH is a global peer to peer platform designed designed for everyone. By utilizing our platform and a global network of online and live converters, users and converters will be able to instantly deposit or withdraw from their U.CASH accounts using cash or digital assets alike. Once on the platform, users and converters across the globe gain access to a full gauntlet of decentralized financial and blockchain services:

  • Foreign and Crypto Exchange: Instantly convert your balance to local currencies and crypto assets.
  • Secure remittance: Send your money and assets instantly anywhere around the world
  • Pay your bills
  • Spend your cash anywhere: Virtual NFC credit cards and Physical Debit Cards
  • Credit: access to loans and credit services
  • Value storing: Store of value and value locking
  • And more… imagine the possibilities


8 SEP, 2017 – 7 JAN, 2018

Industry: FinTech


Token Ticker UCASH
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH, USD
Pre-ICO Dates 8 Aug - 8 Sep, 2017
ICO Dates 8 Sep, 2017 – 7 Jan, 2018