Vestarin: SoftCap reached in a few days February 5, 2018 – Posted in: News

Our team are glad to announce that we have already collected 2000 ETH in just  seven days after the start of our Pre-ICO! This is a very good achievement which shows that the community of crypto investors trust us.

How was it achieved?

The market was on a downturn, media was full of negative news, and most of the ICO failed – under these circumstances is there still hope for success? We are sure that it is very possible!  Provided that there is quality product, experienced team and reliable community support. Here today we will talk about all advantages of a product, reviews of the team and the community for  subsequent articles.

What gives us advance timing on charges?

We will begin the article with the most important – where will the funds be collected.

Thanks to an early collected soft cap we can fundamentally change the scale of the development. So, we are opening  a new large development center in Russia  with expanded staff of best developers and experts.

Will also run support service that is beneficial for participants of the Tokensale – now we will always be in touch! It should be noted that the priority for us is the marketplace, we will  interact with partners and also withdraw to a new level that will be possible to advance in the fundraising terms.

We not only allow to earn but, we solve all problems.

A qualitative product is what  combines the solution of problems, of  broad masses of people with the tools of monetization,  personal skills and/or scalings of business. The Solution of the crypto – community problems is what we are doing. Solving these 3 problems gives us more advantages over other blockchain startups.

First – the sphere is also chaotic in the consolidation. Regulation of the state agencies isn’t always effective because  we offer to solve all problems –  in a  decentralized way. We combine all interest in the market with our  honesty, which makes it strong information for components. It is an exchange of information that makes self-cleaning possible, and draft Vestarin has been at the forefront of these changes.

Second –  lack of examination of the blockchain projects, and lack of services to find vacancies for blockchain-developers. In fact, through one application, functioning as a “common information window”, we give access to news, reviews, announcements, etc. This is not only to be read, but also to be published, which is important for experts.


As you can see, we solve a whole layer of problems of the modern world, providing new opportunities for development as the blockchain-startups, IT industry and for the  traditional business. We are expanding the framework of crypto-industry, creating a fundamentally new market at the intersection of real and digital economy.

We have decided not to declare any unrealistic bonuses taken from any projects. Our considerable experience has dictated to give early investors, discount on tokens: The sooner you purchase VST token – the higher the percentage of  discounts. Let us remind you that the 1 ETH = 3000 VST , taking into account the current -56% discount  at the time  writing of the article.

So, after listing all our advantages, are you still wondering how we managed to raise  2000 ETH in our  soft cap? The answer is obvious it’s  better to think of how not to lose its  benefits, buying a token with guaranteed demand and transparent backing right now – the discount percent is constantly decreasing, as well as your chances in  having  a comfortable future …

You can find more information about discounts and advantages of Vestarin on our website.