Vinchain: Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry March 14, 2018 – Posted in: News


VINchain has officially reached the softcap! This means that the VINchain project is officially funded and we are set to launch in the USA. Their ICO will stay open until April 15th, or until they reach the hardcap, 23,500 ETH, whichever comes first. They have 600 million tokens (which is 60% of the total supply) in total available for sale.

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According to the VINchain’s CEO and Co-Founder Alex Miles:

“I launched VINchain because my experience in the used automotive industry exposed me to the huge problems faced when purchasing a vehicle. Currently, it’s impossible to be confident that you know a vehicle’s full history. Used car buyers are gambling with their money that a vehicle hasn’t been in a crash, damaged or even had its mileage falsified. This is because the seller knows more than the buyer about their vehicle.

VINchain is changing that. We are revolutionizing the automotive industry by providing vehicle reports that are completely accurate, reliable and transparent. Simply put, we’re taking the guesswork out of car buying. We’re able to achieve this by building vehicle data into the blockchain, the same technology that Bitcoin changed the world with.

Experience our groundbreaking platform for yourself with a free vehicle history report at The vehicle data we collect is unparalleled in its accuracy because it’s gathered from dealers, registries, leasing companies, APIs, certified members, and even the car itself.  This means that buyers and sellers can be sure that they’re getting the right price.

Vehicle data and history will be bought and sold using VIN tokens—a utility coin superior to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because it is backed by real-world value. We’re proud to say we received over a million dollars on the very first day of our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period of development, and continue to grow. If you want to be an early-stage backer, there’s still time to get involved and receive a 25% bonus on your VIN token purchase. This bonus will only last for the duration of this stage, which is closing soon!

At VINchain, we believe in providing the absolute highest level of service, so much so that you can contact me and the other founders directly with any questions or concern on our Telegram at

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