Vionex December 2, 2017 – Posted in: Reviews

A new Smart Home based on the Blockchain Technology for smarter living.

With our Vionex-Smart-Home-App, each of our customers can manage their home, or control or hire a building for each company. Customers and companies have access to everything concerning security, lighting, heating or cooling. The blockchain technology is responsible for recording and saving all actions. Thus, every action is saved and our Smart-Home-System has the opportunity to learn if the customer wish so (function is adjustable / displayable with the Vionex-Smart-Home-App). In the case of defects or malfunctions the blockchain provides feedback and displays it in the app. The best Smart-Home that works for you. The future is in your hands.

With the help of the blockchain technology every order is noted and our intelligent Smart-Home-System learns. This ensures maximum automation. Each process is noted and stored so that the automation can only be changed by adjusting the settings with the Vionex-Smart-Home-App. The user has absolute control over the system and trough decentralization nobody can access it and change it. The blockchain technology together with our Smart-Home is ready to change the world.


1 DEC, 2017 – 28 FEB, 2018

Industry: Home


Token Ticker VIOX
Token Standard ERC20
Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC
ICO Dates 1 Dec 2017 - 28 Feb 2018