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Zupply Blockchain


Zupply is a blockchain-based supply system that is aiming to help buyers and suppliers to reduce costs, expand their businesses and open new markets. Zupply is about to become a big network with thousands of customers and suppliers. Thereby, purchasing departments (buyers) can publish requests for their components, and supplies can search among many offers. What is important, the system is anonymous, which means that the suppliers can see only the projects and the information necessary to make an offer but they do not see the company’s owner.

Zupply is bringing a win-win solution for both buyers and suppliers. Thus, buyers can evaluate the supplies by a reliable rating system, reduce the costs by finding the cheapest supper, easily manage requests and the supplier offer, and, eventually, reduce time spends by 80%. At the same time, suppliers can pick up the right clients and secure offers, expand to the new markets and take advantage of an automatic alerts system and a smart search engine.

Zupply platform will be based on the blockchain, and every time a buyer company accepts an offer from a supplier, the offer conditions are executed through the smart contract.

The service monetization is as follows:

– Free registration of the companies (buyers and suppliers)
– Fee (in definition) for every supply smart contract
– Payment to see the economic evaluation by the rating companies (included in the premium subscription)
– Payment to launch a marketing campaign to make their company known
– Payment to launch a market analysis in a specific area (included in the premium subscription)
– Including a partnership with logistics companies, Zupply can ask a fee every logistics service sold

Thereby, the platform’s users can pay in fiat like USD or EUR, and, when paying with ZUP tokens, they get a 15% discount.


Token Name/Ticker ZUP
Token Standard ERC20
Total Supply 750 million ZIP
Pre-ICO Supply 100 million ZIP
ICO Supply 500 million ZIP
Token Price 1 ETH = 40,000 ZUP (within pre-ICO)
1 ETH = 20,000 ZUP (within ICO)
Accepted Payment Methods ETH
Pre-ICO Dates 24th Feb 2018 – 3rd Mar 2018
ICO Dates 10th Mar 2018 – 21st Apr 2018


The overall supply of the ZUP tokens is 750 million. The tokens will be allocated as follows:

7% — early investors
13% — team
13% — pre-ICO investors
67% — ICO investors


45% — software development
36% — marketing
7% — early investors
7% — operating expenses
5% — legal support


The idea of Zupply has been created back in January 2017, with a case study completed by March 2017. The market analysis was ready by August 2017. November 2017, the team has studied the ICO and smart contract, which has led to the launch of the pre-sale of the ZUP token in February. The ICO launch is planned for March 10th, 2018 to April 21st, 2018. Thereby, ZUP tokens are to be launched on exchanges in May 2018. In July, the company is planning to set the partnership with the most important rating companies. In September, the beta platform will be launched. The marketing campaign is also planned for September 2018. The official launch of the platform is planned for January 2019. Thereafter, Zupply will partner with logistic companies to offer logistic solutions inside the platform in June 2019 and integrate logistics solutions in the platform in September 2019. All in all, the company is aiming to reach 75,000 client companies in North America, Europe and Asia areas at the end of 2019, with a total business of $1.2 billion.


Roberto Fabbri, Founder & Blockchain Expert
Luca Moschini, Co-Founder & Supply Chain Expert
Sara Gianotti, Marketing & SMM
Claudia Venturi, Operations Manager


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