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Top ICO List Frequently Asked Questions

What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way of raising funds for projects through generation of their own cryptocurrencies, or tokens. Usually, these projects are based on blockchain, and the tokens are used as operational cryptocoins on it. Within an ICO campaign, a token sale is made, within which a certain amount of tokens is sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or traditional fiat money. Thereby, a startup gets funding to develop their project, and an investor gets tokens that are expected to grow in value over certain amount of time. Some ICO projects even offer dividends to the token holders, share the profits with investors, and let them participate in decision making, according to their investment part. Funding through Initial Coin Offering has become very popular as this is a more easy way to raise money, compared to IPO, or standard crowdfunding like Kickstarter, for example. You are welcome to use our top ICO list to take a glance at the most promising ICOs.

What is pre-ICO or token presale?

Pre-ICO is a special timeframe that is happening prior to the main token sale. In a nutshell, it is kind of a presale of tokens at a more attractive price. Not all the ICOs such an option, and some of them prefer to keep the pre-ICO private so that only qualified investors with large investment amounts get the opportunity to become early birds and eventually claim for a higher ROI. Our ICO list covers information about token presale as well.

How to buy tokens and invest in ICO?

If you have decided to buy tokens, you should know that each ICO has its own investment rules. Thus, some of them accept cryptocurrencies (mostly ETH and BTC) only, some of them — fiat money (USD, EUR) via credit cards, bank transfers, etc. In most cases, you get the tokens in exchange for ETH or BTC on the same day. You transfer the funds to the investment address and get tokens in return to your wallet. However, some ICOs operate according to the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). In case of the letter, you sign a mutual agreement with an ICO project that ensures that you will get a certain amount of tokens at a certain price later, as specified in the document. All in all, you, as investor, should thoroughly study all the information presented on the ICO’s website and/or in the white paper.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and tokens?

If you are browsing this website and got interested in top ICO list, then you have definitely heard about Bitcoin. It is the first ever and most popular cryptocurrency introduced back in 2008. Since then, lots of altcoins have emerged on the market. At the moment of writing, there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies out there, according to the Coinmarketcap. Every cryptocurrency, except for Bitcoin, is considered as an altcoin (‘alternative coin’). When it comes to ICOs, we speak about token sale. Although both tokens and altcoins are cryptocurrencies, they are different, mostly in structure. Tokens operate on top of a blockchain allowing the creation of decentralized apps, which is why lots of tokens are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Altcoins, in their turn, are separate cryptocoins with their own blockchain.

Ethereum token sales are gaining momentum. Why?

As said, almost all tokens are using Ethereum blockchain. No wonder, as tt is more reasonable in terms of the development time and costs, and more universal. Thus, you can use ERC20 wallets for literally all Ethereum token sales. Moreover, we may say that ICOs have been booming over the past time, in general. Most of the tokens are utility tokens, meaning that they are backed by real project and real value, which is a competitive advantage to Bitcoin, for example. These tokens are meant to grow in value along with the project growth. Finally, we shouldn’t forget that Ethereum itself was an ICO once and has experienced a stunning growth and recognition.

ICO listing to assist in building your portfolio

There are so many ICOs out there that it is extremely hard to monitor them and, even harder, in which one to invest. ICO listing is a perfect source to find out about upcoming token sales and those that are happening at the very moment. Our goal is to gather the top ICO list on our website and present the projects using important information only so that it is not that time consuming for our readers. All ICOs are split into 3 categories: live, upcoming, and ended. Each project gets a profile including short description, a YouTube explanation video (if any), links to the official website, white paper, and social networks, and token sale details. Some of the ICOs get featured via detailed reviews that focus on the project’s idea, mission, technical background, blockchain usage, token allocation, and funds distribution. You may say that a review on ICO Panic is a more understandable and short version of a white paper, which are usually over 40 pages of hardly perceived words and schemes. Finally, the news section will keep you updated on the latest news by trending ICOs. We do believe that our ICO listing will come in handy for your decision making when it comes to investing in crypto.